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Clever Ways to Reuse Your Old Beaulieu Hollytex Carpet  

The major countries of the world are constantly worrying about what they are going to do when we run out of landfill space. We are constantly pouring garbage in to the earth and eventually there isn’t going to be any place left to put it. This problem is why it is so important to find new ways to keep garbage out of landfills. Recycling is one of the best methods to keep garbage out of the earth. Typically when people think of recycling they imagine a plant processing down piles of bottles to make them in to something new. Many times you can recycle something without even changing it. Finding a new creative way to use something is the most effective way to recycle something. By finding a new way to use your Beaulieu Hollytex carpet you will be able to keep it out of landfills for a while longer. You also reduce the amount of goods that have to be created because your old carpet will be taking their place. There are many different ways to recycle an old Beaulieu Hollytex carpet.

One of the best ways to recycle an old carpet is to use it as a carpet. Either give it to someone who needs a carpet for their home, or you can donate it to companies like Habitat for Humanity if it is in good condition. Another great way to use carpeting is to protect things. You could lay down a section of carpeting in the bed of your truck to keep it from scratching. You could also lay carpet down when you are trying to move furniture on wood or tile floors. It makes a great protector when moving somewhere new. Wrap up fragile items in your Beaulieu Hollytex carpet and you won’t have to worry about them getting broken during the move. Many experience gardeners also rave about using pieces of old carpet as mulch in gardens. Carpeting holds water very well and it will keep your plants in great condition even in dry spells. It also works well to keep moisture away from something. If you lay a carpet down underneath a walkway you won’t have to worry about excess water flooding the area. The carpet will help to wick away any extra water.

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It is easy to find plenty of ways to use that old carpet with a little bit of creativity.


How To Care For Your Hardwood Floors


Hardwood floors are a beautiful and practical addition to any home. They can be installed in any room and are easy to maintain. If cared for properly, they can also last you a lifetime.


Because they add value to your home, hardwood floors are a great choice if you need to replace your flooring and are considering reselling your home any time in the near future. There are many different types and styles from which to choose and they match any décor.


Mullican Chalmette Autumn Maple

Mullican Muirfield Maple
Mullican Hardwood Flooring


Maintaining your hardwood floors is the key. If you do not care for them properly they will not last a long time and won’t look as beautiful as they could, thus making your home decrease in value.


The first thing to remember when caring for your hardwood floor is that messes, especially liquids, should be cleaned up immediately after they are spilled on the hard wood surface of the floor. Failing to do this can cause the wood to buckle over time because the moisture will become trapped. Once the wood is buckled, the only way to repair it is to replace it.


Shaw Pebble Hill Hickory Burnt Barnboard
Shaw Flooring
Armstrong Flooring


Hardwood floors should also be frequently swept and vacuumed just like any other floor. Carpet can hide dust and thus attracts it quite nicely. Hardwood floors, on the other hand, do not hide the dust that is sure to accumulate on the surface, but also does not attract it, thus making this type of flooring ecologically sound.


Hardwood floors are made of all-natural materials which makes them a great choice. Because of this they must be cleaned with the proper substances. Before using any type of floor cleaner on hard wood, be sure it is safe for this type of material. The label on the container should provide this information. If you aren’t sure and are unable to find out whether or not a particular cleaner is safe, trade it in for one that will work. After all, using the wrong type of cleaner can do damage to your floor. Using the right cleaner can sometimes remove surface scratches and protect the hardwood floors from becoming scratched or otherwise damaged.


Anderson Hickory Forge Hammer Glow

Anderson Hickory Forge Ringing Anvil

Anderson Hickory Forge Golden Ore
Anderson Hickory Forge Branding Iron 


Maintaining your hardwood floors takes time and effort, but it is still easier than maintaining other types of flooring. If cared for on a regular basis, the time you actually spend cleaning the floor won’t amount to much at one time. It will, however, be well worth it in the end when you walk across your gleaming, beautiful hardwood floors that are sure to last you a lifetime.


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